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“If you’re queer and you’re dedicated to economic justice, then live that life and have those beliefs and carry them in your heart and put them into practice. I think as long as we stay dedicated to our community, nothing can stop us.” - Queers for Economic Justice organizer

The changing economic landscape in the country continues to impact trans, queer, LGBTQI, and allied communities in alarming ways, including discrimination in employment, housing, healthcare, education, business and more. Far too often, these issues are elided due to lack of data about poverty and homelessness in LGBTQI communities, lack of funding for queer-focused economic justice organizations, and a growing rift between mainstream and marginalized LGBTQI populations.

LGBTQ Economic Justice Month (October 2015) is about celebrating our success while raising visibility about the work that still needs to be done despite our recent wins. Together we can work to build community power and strength while making sure that those among us who are politically and socially marginalized do not get left behind. We respect, embrace, and honor the contributions of everyone--queer people, trans people, gender non-conforming people, people of color, impoverished people, homeless people, disabled people, immigrants, indigenous peoples, sex workers, youth, elders, and all others. Get engaged, partner, and take action!

We believe that LGBTQ advocacy and social justice work is at a unique turning point. We hope you will join us for the wide-range of events, workshops, panels for the full spectrum of our communities. Our keystone events include our Kickoff Reception on 10/6, LGBTQ Career Fair on 10/21, and much more! Together we can raise awareness around the economic needs of our communities and showcase the important work taking place throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

For a full list of the October events, click here.

Economic Development at the Center

The Center’s Economic Development assists LGBT jobseekers in finding safe and secure living-wage employment, help LGBT-run businesses grow, increase LGBT community financial assets and access to housing, and eliminate barriers to transgender economic success.

Over the last decade the San Francisco LGBT Center has pioneered economic development programing across the Bay Area and beyond. In 2010 the Center launched the first LGBTQ Economic Empowerment Day, that was extended to a week, and now has expanded throughout the whole month of October 2015.  Check out our event report from last year here.

The Center’s Economic Development department designs and implements innovative programs that advance economic opportunities for our diverse community.  Focusing on financial capability, employment supports, self-employment and building assets including homeownership, these services are bundled and delivered in a holistic fashion, and contribute to the empowerment of our community to confront injustice, eradicate generational poverty and better support and connect with each other.

The Center's critical safety net programs serve the most vulnerable members of the community -- people of color, transgender people, GNC people, queer people, lesbians, bisexual women, differently-abled people, youth, elders, immigrants, and low-income individuals -- who often experience additional, intersecting forms of discrimination.

For more information about the Center visit us here or stop by.

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